El Caracol Documentary

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Thank you for watching the documentary! Support Gerardo by donating towards his projects and organizations. All donations go directly to making a difference and contribute to helping build his visions of a better society.

Goal 1 | $1,000.00 USD
Support Gerardo in educating people via his informative newspapers.

Goal 2 | $3,500.00 USD
Gerardo wishes to have his own podcast. This will allow him to purchase equipment, produce podcasts, and publish his newspapers.

Goal 3 | $10,000.00 USD
Gerardo envisions an ecovillage that can support him in educating and caring for his community. This will allow Gerardo to purchase the land needed to built his project.

Goal 4 | $100,000.00 USD
Dream come true! This will allow Gerardo to get purchase a few hectares of land in San Cristobal, and bring to life all that he envisions.

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