A new model of transparency, accessibility, and education incentives


Decentralized Curriculums

All curriculums hosted with Bittopia University are stored using decentralized systems and networks. Preservation, transparency, accessibility, and accountability are all enhanced by using publicly accessible decentralized networks. Decentralized networks such as IPFS and Ethereum are used to secure the curriculums, the same technology that has secured the decentralized Bitcoin network for more than 10 years. This makes all knowledge on Bittpoia University immutable and accessible, even without an internet connection.

Decentralized Autonomous Courses (DAC's)

Imagine if every field of knowledge was able to form its own economy and society, standing on the shoulders of passionate individuals that have contributed to its growth. That is how we have designed the courses at Bittopia University. Each course is decentralized with its own governance and financial system. We proudly introduce Decentralized Autonomous Course's (DAC's).

A DAC will be able to:

Reward Contributors

Fund Research

Provide Scholarships

Incubate Startups

Manage Finances


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Decentralized Governance

The Bittopia Foundation was set up on Aragon as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Aragon allows Bittopia University to remain transparent, jurisdictionless, inclusive, and decentralized to the greatest extent possible, while keeping decision-makers accountable. The Aragon network, built on top of Ethereum, also supports our desire to have a transparent channel on how funds are received and spent, as well as how and why decisions regarding the foundation and organization are made.


Decentralized Library (LIBx)

LIBX will offer students and contributors the ability to access and upload documents, books, articles, magazines, and other useful reading materials. Combined with decentralized technologies such as IPFS, we can ensure that such material sare accessible and preserved, even if access to the Internet is limited.


Decentralized Education

Bittopia University has been made for anyone wanting to access the knowledge needed to better themselves and find new opportunities. We also welcome anyone who has been left without a choice, unable to attain greater opportunities due to living and environmental conditions. For this reason, we have made sure to design Bittopia University in a way that allows people to download or print the course material. They can then upload their work for revision and receive feedback via a surrogate.

We welcome anyone who has been left without an opportunity due to living and environmental conditions, such as:

Discriminated Groups


Poverty-Stricken Populations

Traditional Cultures

Alternative Minds (such as Homeschooling)


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