Higher Education Standards

Live human connectivity is one of the fundamental aspects of learning and is integrated in every course offered by Bittopia.

Our curriculums are open sourced, shaped, and verified by our decentralized network of oracles.

Our courses are supported, administered, and guided live by expert industry mentors.

Our students are rewarded for successfully acquiring knowledge in the form of BITT tokens.


Incentivizing the Transfer of Knowledge

Bittopia tracks the transfer of knowledge and rewards students who demonstrate mastery in a particular curriculum or subject. The better a student performs, the higher the reward.

I had always thought Bitcoin and Blockchain were for finance bros, some fad that I didn’t really want to get into. Instead, I learned all about how they were being used for democracy and decentralisation.

Desiree Conceicao, Introduction to Decentralization, The Way of the Potato, 2020

Decentralized Research

We believe in the power of uniting many individual minds in the persuit of a common goal, the wisdom of the crowd. Decentralized Research allows people from all around the world to contribute to finding answers to our many problems.

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