Decentralized Mentor Network

Mentors guide students through the course and help them attain and apply the required knowledge. There can be multiple mentors for any one field of study, giving students the option of selecting which mentor they want to learn from.

Some of the responsibilities of a Mentor:

Creation of courses, curriculums, and other material.

Transfer of knowledge to students.

Providing support and guidance.

Hosting video lectures.

Contributing to group discussions.


Becoming a Mentor

Mentors play a key role in educating students and guiding them through their curriculum. Anyone can apply to become a Mentor by creating a new course or by requesting to contribute to an existing course. Oracles will verify their application and once approved, Mentors can then invite students and start their journey with Bittopia University.


Begin Sharing Knowledge

Join Bittopia University and apply to become a Mentor.