Decentralized Oracles

Oracles have an important role within Bittopia University's decentralized framework. Oracles are responsible for ensuring that the ciriculum and students who participate in the course are verified and kept up to date. These guardians are experts from various industries who are willing to contribute to a certain field of knowledge.

Some of the responsibilities of an Oracle:

Verification of curriculums and updates.

Verification of courses and Mentors.

Verification of submitted work.

Confirming Proof-of-Work (PoW) certificates.


Becoming an Oracle

Oracles must attain the highest available rank for a specific curriculum. They can also be elected as an industry expert. Once an Oracle has earned their Proof-of-Knowledge (PoK) certificate, they can then apply to become an oracle for that particular field of knowledge. Oracles are rewarded for their participation and contribution.


Apply Your Knowledge

Join our foundation and apply to become an Oracle.