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At Bittopia, students pay tuition for the courses they want to take and earn tokens for demonstrating the successful acquisition of knowledge. The better you perform as a student, the higher the reward.

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Bittopia University offers a wide range of courses for students wishing to expand their knowledge.


Earn Your Way

Challenged by circumstances? Students can earn their way into a course by contributing to the growth and development of Bittopia University.

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The Bittopia Endowment offers financial assistance packages to talented individuals around the world.

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Incubatorships are a unique learning pathway set by the student and supported by the Bittopia network. Share your vision and see how we can support you.

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Decentralized Research

Bittopia unites many individual minds in the pursuit of a common goal. Are you a student researcher trying to find answers to major world problems? We can support you.

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