PoK: Decentralized Certificates

Bittopia’s decentralized PoK infrastructure makes certificates juristictionless, verifiable, tamper-proof, secure, private, and accessible. Students own their certificate and control access to their details and achievements.

This makes the certificate juristictionless, verifiable, tamper-proof, secure, private, and accessible.

The PoK is the mechanism of action for rewarding students who demonstrate sound knowledge of a curriculum. As a certificate holder, graduates now have a stake in the future of the curriculums they study. They can vote their influence over future editions and earn BITT (Bittopia University’s token) by staking their NFT on Ethereum's blockchain. The better they perform in class, the higher the reward they receive after graduation.


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OBI: Ancient Wisdom + Modern Technology

At Bittopia, knowledge is transferred through the dedication of students, the guidance of mentors, and a curriculum curated by oracles. Much like the Obi belt system of martial arts, students enter at the lowest level and have an education path leading all the way to mastery, if they choose. This system is built on blockchain and self-governed by those who earned their position by demonstrating the requisite skills. This approach re-introduces honor back into higher education where skills and contributions are rewarded over artificial drivers. Such systems ensure that “soul in the game” remain protected.


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