The Innovative Curriculum and Educational Methods of the World’s First Decentralized University

July 14, 2022 · 5 min read


Bittopia University has configured a teaching method based on decentralized technologies, such as a blockchain, to bring the world a whole new educational model worth discovering: decentralized education.

The current limitations to access quality higher education, as well as the advancements of new technologies in growing markets, have been the keys to Bittopia University’s revolutionary educational framework.

Studying at Bittopia allows for remote learning through proven technologies, and a framework that promotes entrepreneurship and sovereignty:

The Bittopia framework is designed with the support of world renowned experts. We are collaborating with highly successful coaches and entrepreneurs to find pathways and choices that universities do not offer, due to their flawed design and outdated structure.

The traditional educational system is better aligned with selling knowledge by indebting students and creating specialized workers, thus limiting their choices in life, than it is with the notion of empowering people so that they can free themselves from compartmentalized learning and financial slavery.

Amin Rafiee, CEO and founder of Bittopia University
Cutting-edge courses

Decentralized technologies enable curriculums to perpetually evolve and remain up to date with the latest methods and forms of knowledge, unlike traditional universities that offer courses which often become obsolete by the time a student completes their degree.

Bittopia University aims to open, protect, and preserve secret forms of knowledge through the use of distributed systems and networks, such as blockchains and IPFS.

Imagine applying the open and immutable properties of a decentralized and permissionless blockchain to knowledge!

This would put an end to the secret archives such as those held by the Vatican, and prevent disasters such as the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria.

Decentralized education coupled with organizational models introduced through DAOs result in a framework that would allow for rewards and financial incentives, which would otherwise be difficult to scale and manage — through centralized bureaucracy.

Bittopia’s framework is an evolutionary method of exchange between students and the university, the gamification of knowledge, through which students are incentivized to perform to the best of their capabilities.

Among the courses open for registration, students will find topics that are either unavailable or nearly impossible to obtain through legacy educational frameworks or universities.

These courses are key to developing in rapidly expanding markets such as “Introduction to Decentralization”, “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)”, “Swiss bank in your pocket” or “Re -claim your online privacy”.

These allow the student to immerse in the world of Decentralization, including cryptocurrencies, and how they impact the individual and planetry economy.

Proven Methodologies

The goal of this innovative curriculum, according to Amin Rafiee, is to address real-world challenges and issues. For example, in the “Re-claim your Online Privacy” course, tools and channels are offered to address the growing loss of digital privacy impacting people throughout the world.

This course has literally changed my life. I had no idea that I could have a private and secure identity online. I am moving forward confident that I can build on my learning and teach my children to be and stay digitally free…

— Bittopia Student from New Zealand

Freedom of expression and personal privacy are recognized human rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 12 and 19).

The course ‘Re-Claim Your Digital Privacy’ aims to empower students with the knowledge to step away from big tech surveillance, protect themselves against censorship, and offer alternatives to the communist-style dystopian technologies, while overcoming the limitations that the cancel culture imposes on individuals.

As Amanda, an Australian student mentions:

Building new communities that communicate the truth is essential in these challenging times. The privacy course is super practical and saved me tons of hours researching and evaluating what are the best tools to use for various apps, secure passwords, VPNs, meetings, and mobiles. Best of all, I implemented them all!

On the other hand, “Swiss Bank in Your Pocket” introduces students to the world of decentralized cryptocurrencies and the importance of stepping away from a debt-based financial system and becoming your own bank.

The course contains segments on how to obtain sovereignty, pay bills, and purchase products through decentralized cryptos, thus avoiding fees and banking limitations.

I had always thought Bitcoin and Blockchain were for finance bros, some fad that I didn’t really want to get into. Instead, I learned all about how they were being used for democracy and decentralization.

Desiree Conceicao, student of Swiss Bank in Your Pocket.

As it is an open and inclusive curriculum, there are many possibilities for experts on various topics around the world to submit their course proposals for evaluation. Bittopia’s decentralized network of oracles will verify the information, sources, and viability of the project to shape a new course.

A Channel of Opportunities

Students of the world’s first Decentralized University have the possibility to discover cutting-edge knowledge in emerging markets, while receiving constant advice.

There is also the possibility of becoming a course mentor in the future. The recent alliance of Bittopia with Seats2Meet, the pioneer co-working platform in the world market, also favors the expansion of the network of contacts between students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Thanks to the alliance with Seats2meet, students can access fully equipped physical spaces in more than 1,800 locations worldwide. The workspaces also allow for the active collaboration of other professionals, as well as the use of material resources such as meeting rooms.

Inclusiveness and access to knowledge without limitations is another key issue for why the Bittopia E-campus is open to receiving applications from students who show interest in their training and can be part of the development of Bittopia University.

Access to education is a big part of our vision. We provide various scholarships and pathways for talented students that are limited by circumstances. Bittopia aims to move the needle towards utopia just a BIT.

Matt Dahse, CSO, Bittopia University.

This teaching method is also presented as an interactive and personal space that allows students to get immediate answers to their questions, even through contact with their mentors and peers via the popular messaging app, Telegram.

Currently, Bittopia already has students enrolled from various countries such as Australia, Malaysia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and expects to reach people all over the world.

Another Level of Awards: BITT Economy

How can a digital token become a prize? In the decentralized universe, the token allows for the exchange of goods and services, and this is how Bittopia rewards its students. Thus, the token facilitates access to information, payment for courses, decentralized libraries, among others.

Students who support their peers through the learning process, successfully complete the courses, or contribute knowledge will receive Bittopia’s native token, BITT, as a reward.

This token allows them to access more benefits for their professional training. The better the students perform, the higher their digital reward. BITT is also the means of reward for those who want to contribute their knowledge, ideas, time, and resources.

This is how higher education is presented as an opportunity for change in the current educational system, thus prioritizing the free exchange of knowledge in an avant-garde framework. What skills will you need to anticipate the demands of the future? Find out on Bittopia.

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