Finfluencers Replace Outdated Ivy League MBAs In Crypto Industry

Dec 2, 2021 · 2 min read


Can universities keep up with crypto? A new partnership announced between SyncDAO and Bittopia seeks to find out and disrupt traditional finance education at its core.

Discarding the traditional university model with DACs, (Decentralized Autonomous Courses), SyncDAO and Bittopia intend to disrupt the finance education sector with a groundbreaking approach. Combining SyncDAO’s network of Finfluencers that are helping users adopt safe and secure DeFi applications with the power of a self-governing course that students co own with their mentors.

The DACs will be student owned by budding influencers looking to earn their stripes as certifiable Finfluencers that have the latest industry leading knowledge from their successful peers.

We see this industry moving so fast, in any given six week period the entire landscape can fundamentally change. Universities simply are not going to be able to pivot their curriculums quickly enough.

Rossco Paddison, SyncDAO Co-founder

The premise not only proposes a new way to delegate responsibilities of both knowledgeflow and cashflow, but also sets the audacious precedent of replacing the ‘graduate with debt’ student stereotype, with ‘graduate with a residual income’.

The mechanics of this learning model not only orientate the students to the day-to-day realities of crypto and the DeFi sector, but also acquaint them with the intricacies of operating a decentralised project through course delivery method. The student fees are converted into BITX tokens and allocated to the course treasury. These tokens are then disbursed to the mentors, oracles and top ranked students to incentivise learning and maintain the operational framework of the programme.

Education should be haptic to the reality around it, this can only be done by having real world lecturers from the frontlines of this lightening fast DeFi sector.

Amin Rafiee, Bittopia Founder

Students exist within a living model of a peer-to-peer, crypto powered, decentralised learning model, which acts as an experiential analogue for the types of systems they will be studying in the curriculum.

The course content is open source and will therefore be responsive to contributors across the metaverse who wish to add updates and extensions to the learning modules.

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This article was written by SyncDAO and originally published on Medium